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02-18-2006, 05:34 AM
hey guys, first of all let me say i'm not very clued up on electronics but i have done some reading up on the net and wanted your advice.

i have a bmw z3 with standard business cd which is rubbish! i don't need window smashing bass, but i would like a clear, crisp sound from my stereo even with the top down. i'm not going to be installing a separate amp just replacing the head unit. maybe change the speakers (but i've been told i should only use coaxeial speakers?!) anyway just wanted your opinion on what head unit to go for.

i need something that will produce quality sound (through the standard speakers) and has enough power to cope without a separate amp. it has to fit the looks of my zed. mp3, cd-r compatible and also the potential for i-pod connectivity. i want a system which labels mp3 nicely and make it easy to access, scroll etc. DAB would be nice but not essential. so bearing that in mind, i came across the following

pioneer DEH-P80MP - which looks great, has good features, seems to be a top unit http://www.pioneer-eur.com/eur/prod...onomy_id=25-121 B

Becker: Mexico Pro 7939 - CD/MP3 Tuner. never heard of this make but someone told me they're really good as they're used in porsches, bmws etc.

Think the Becker fits the stock look of my car and I hear they are well made and robust which is cool.

I've read alot about Alpine stereos too, but dont which ones are good.

I am really excited about upgrading my system but to be honest having done all this research i'm left very confused ! anyway i'd really appreciate any comments or advice.

Also is installing a quality headunit going to make a massive difference, is it worth the money?

very long and clumsy post but thanks for reading!! :)

nicky xx

02-18-2006, 06:45 AM
Installing a new CD player will probably make very little difference to the sound. Most BMW's are equipped with factory amplifiers, and the factory amp will continue to run the speakers after the new head unit is installed. You'll gain the features and functions of the new head unit, but no real change in sound quality unless you replace the speakers.

How many stock speakers are in the vehicle, and where are they located?

02-18-2006, 06:51 AM
get becker... i havent seen there radios in awhile...

02-18-2006, 07:09 AM
i checked up on the setup.

2 x 5" in Footwells
2 x 4" behind seats
2 x tweeters in the door

I have heard that on one of the footwell speakers there may be a small amp so I will need to replace both speakers and have them wired directly to the headunit.

Becker Mexico Pro 7939 is at the top of my list at the moment but i do like

Pioneer Deh-P70BT - for the bluetooth option, although i have heard the BT quality isn't particularly good, any views?

Deh-P80MP for features and I hear the sound quality is good too.

Decisions, decisions...