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02-08-2006, 06:47 PM
As soom of you know I built the a TB8 sub for my copmuter. I also have a cheap-o pair of $50 Sony 5.25" Bookshelfs with a 3/4" tweeter. I have the filer on the sub set at around 80 and God knows the Sony's cant play down to 80hz. I was thinking of utilizing the low/high level inputs to make use of my plate amps 125hz filter for the bookshelfs but then I have an open range from 125hz down to 80hz...? Should I invest in a new set of bookshelfs or build a center with 2 6.5" woofers and 2 1" tweeters? Mind you this is just a computer/dorm setup, not HT.

Also...this is a retarded question but I'm curious. If a receiver as a single sub-out and your plate as a stereo in, is there any loss by just using the right channel? I.E. instead of using a y-splitter to utilize both plugs on the plates input?

02-08-2006, 08:37 PM
well if your receiver is an LFE out and you have it connected to your plate amp, is your plate amp repoccessing the sound from the receiver(trying to answer a question with a question). If your receiver has stereo RCA outs, use those, otherwise try to turn the LFE off on your receiver and get a $5 y-splitter for the RCA's or just use the mono(some manufacter's of plate amps reccomend diff things). As far as your original question... Get new bookshelfs. The 80-100somthin gap is most likely the least of your worry's with those sony's. Also there really isn't a gap there, since both are crossed over at those points, so your still getting volume at that "gap", it's just a significant dip in volume.