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02-06-2006, 10:59 PM
Wow. I picked all of this up, and then decided to get another car. So, I'm passing it along.

I am completely open to offers, but I can't go much lower.

I will also offer better prices if you pick up a whole lot of things (entire suspension upgrade, Ignition, Brakes, exhaust/intake)

Suspension :
Tenzo Springs (2.25" overall lowering, powdercoated purple, brand new)
KYB GR-2 Shockc (BIG upgrade, and handles the lowered stance great! NEW)
Tenzo Front Strut Bar (Polished chrome! NEW)
Tenzo Rear Strut Bar (Polished chrome, NEW)
Tenzo Rear Lower Tie Bar (Polished! New)

Ignition :
MSD Blaster 2 Coil
MSD Modified Distributor Cap ( Allows outside coil, Blaster 2!)
MSD Sport Compact Ignition Module!
NGK Spark Plugs
NGK Spark Plug Wires
(again, all of this is NEW!)

Brakes :
Brembo Crossdrilled Brake Rotors (Front)
AXXIS Metal Masters Brake Pads (Front)
Stainless Steel Brake Lines (all 4 corners)

Exhaust/Intake :
OBX 4/2/1 Exhaust Manifold (Polished)
Tenzo Type 2 Axle Back Exhaust (with silencer)
Tenzo Complete Cold Air Intake (Silver)

Other nice things :
OBX Power Pulleys (Chrome)
Tenzo Door Sills (Carbon)
Tenzo Wiper Arms (w/ Blades, Carbon)
Viper 791-XV Alarm
Luminics High/Low Beams ( JDM Yellow/ Hyper White)
Projector Headlights (One-Piece, INTEGRA style, paintable)
LOTS of Chrome Tenzo covers for under the hood!

Please pass this along to anyone you know that has an Accord (94-97) and is in the market for lots of under the hood goodies!

If you frequent Honda Tuning forums, please pass this along too, as most are unaccessable for me!

[email protected]

02-07-2006, 12:13 PM
PM me a price for the 4 kyb's please.

02-07-2006, 12:16 PM
I'll sell the entire suspension set-up for $500 + shipping

Entire Ignition : $400 + shipping

Entire Brakes : $215 + shipping

Intake/Exhaust : $450 + Shipping

Luminics High/Low Bulbs : $50 + shipping (silverstar doesn't have ANYTHING on these!

Headlights : $50 + shipping

94/97 accord auto 2.2l Chrome underhood parts : $40 + shipping

Power pulleys : $50 + shipping

Wiper Arms w/ Blades : $25 + shipping

Carbon Door Sills (2 door) : $25 + shipping

I would really rather not part it out, seeing that I am trying to get rid of ALL of it.

If nothing else comes up in the next day or so, I will let you know.

C'mon guys, these are AWESOME prices!!! Pass this along! Thanks!


02-07-2006, 12:23 PM
my mom has a 94 manual, ill she if she wants to go faster, Bump for good stuff.