View Full Version : Viper 5000 Install Question

02-04-2006, 08:07 PM
Hey everyone. Got a quick question about viper alarm systems. I have a 5 year old one in my wrx. (I had it in another car and transfered it to my wrx). I want to upgrade and get either the 5000 or 791XV series. I would rather install it myself for 1)the fun, and 2) to save money. Since I already have an older Viper system, is it pretty much plug and play? Can I just swap out the old sensors and brain unit with the new ones? I know it's going to void the warranty, but that's worth the risk for me (plus, I don't really want 'strangers' installing an alarm system in my car). Any thoughts?

Hope everyone enjoys the superbowl! Thanks for your help!