View Full Version : Suggestions for single din with separate touch screen?

02-02-2006, 08:30 PM
I'm trying to find a head unit setup that provides a nice single din head unit with a nice screen that can be connected to an optional touch screen for FULL control of the head unit (or at least some feedback from the headunit on song, station, xm, mp3, etc). I'd also like to have navigation (external module) is fine. Does anybody make this?

I really want to keep the factory look in my car and I've got a used factory stereo that I've gutted and want to rig this standard head unit up behind. I'd also like to have a touch screen come up out of the top of the dash for navigation and extra nicer interface to the head unit.

This way, if the screen is down, I can still see and do everything I want to do through my fake 'factory' radio. But if I do raise the screen, then I can better see my mp3, xm, etc whatever is playing. And then I'd also see nav, or backup camera, etc.

Right now the best I can seem to find is just to get an alpine D310 and take it apart. Put the little mini display inside the gutted radio. Wire all the oem buttons up to a remote. And then just try to get that screen to come up out of the dash. But then I have to buy the navigation add on. Or I could dismantle a pioneer avic-n2 or the new n3 and get the navigation built in, however, their small screens are built into the top of the display so that would probably be even harder.

I would just really prefer a separate head unit and an add on touch screen. Does this exist? Did I miss something somewhere?


02-02-2006, 10:29 PM
i was going to sugesst what you are already thinking about.... taking apart a flip up head unit.
i haven't seen anything on the market that meets your requirements.
nothing is impossible with some $ $ $