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01-25-2006, 03:48 AM
I just got part of my home theater system done, 2 speakers and sub. I've been messing with it trying to setup the sound stage and what not. Is there anything you guys would recommend for perfecting the system? I can't do anything too dramatic because it's in a dorm room but so far it's starting to sound real good. I'm waiting on my digital optical interconnect to come but it's on backorder. If the digital optical connector sounds a lot better than the regular composite then I'll use it. If not then I'll use my pioneer 7 band 2 channel equalizer that I have lying around. Here's the specs. I'll get pics up at some point. Looks like **** right now cause it's all bare mdf but it matches my loft :-p

source=Computer with a creative audigy 2 zs platinum
reciever=onkyo tx-sr503
speakers=Dayton audio classic 5.25" mid with the infamous dayton silk tweeter.
sub=infinity reference 12" dvc powered by an apex junior senior sub amp, 250 watts rms running at 8 ohms in a 2.7 ft^3 sealed box.

do you guys think the digital out is gonna sound a lot better than the composite with an equalizer? Are there any equalizing programs that actually do a good job or is a component equalizer the way to go? Are there any programs for setting up sound field and levels that you would recommend? Any rta programs that are decent? My roommate has a pretty nice rta mic that I plan on using once I have time. I'll get pics up soon.

01-25-2006, 02:09 PM
What do you think of that apex amp? I'm thinking of getting one and wondered your opinion.