View Full Version : eD[i] 6500s Comps and eU-650 Mid-Range

01-21-2006, 02:49 PM
I planned on getting the comps for the front and the mid-ranges for rear fill. I'm still deciding on how I should amp them all. Here are my plans.


eD NINe.2x for the Components - 200w x 2, they can handle 150 RMS
Run the eU-650 Mids off the HU - HU is a Pioneer 860MP


Orion 8004 for the components and midranges.
All four locations would get 100W RMS. The components and midranges are all rated for 150W RMS.

Price is not much of a matter as the price difference for the whole setup would be at best 100$

Is PLAN B a waste of my time/money?

VEHICLE: 06 Toyota Tacoma - Double Cab
SUBS: 2 eD 11Kv.2s off a NINe.2x at 300W a piece hidden away behind the rear seat, in a dual sealed enclosures, .5 ft^3 each.