View Full Version : Bought a new Pioneer VSX-74TXVi today...

01-20-2006, 06:36 PM
and ****, this thing is just plain cool :)
Wish I had my camera to take some pics of the **** beast, but you can find pics online.
140watts x 7, HDMI switching, iPod interface, XM ready, MCACC (auto room calibration), USB input for sound from PC, I mean really, this thing is just plan cool.
Can't wait for my center to arrive so I can have a 3.1 setup (until I move into a house, surrounds will come then).
All I need is an HDMI cable to run the reciever to my TV, but the cheapest one I can find locally is $89!! Must be someplace to get one cheaper.

On a side note, the remote looks a little funky, and its organized in a wierd way, in short, I don't like it. Good thing I have my Harmony 520.

01-20-2006, 06:41 PM

01-20-2006, 10:15 PM
Here are a few pics I snapped of it while at work (remembered that my camera was in my car :) ):

01-21-2006, 12:35 AM
I know, most new recievers are like this. Personally, I can live without all the composite and S-Video connections, I don't need all that. I would rather have more HDMI and Component for future upgrades.

01-21-2006, 02:54 AM
The back of that thing is busy as heck..

Im sure part of the reason is those screws that look like shiny pennies :crap:

01-21-2006, 02:55 AM
How much was that beast anyways?

01-21-2006, 10:15 AM
$1100. I bought a Rotel RSX-1056 reciever from a local store. The reciever quit working after a couple days (no output, bad amplifier). Took it back, store owner told me to try the Pioneer as he had other issues with that Rotel reciever in the past. Hopefully this Pioneer works better than the Rotel did.