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01-19-2006, 08:30 PM
I need a good set of tweeters to match with these mids.


I was thinking a set of Fountek ribbons, or maybe some of these

I really dont know which ones to choose here and I was hoping you guys could give me a little help.

01-19-2006, 10:19 PM
I won't tell you what to buy, but this is my approach. I believe the tweeters
make or break your sound system, find good tweeters and finding good mids
is easier. For instance, lets you use Fountek ribbons, lets say NeoCD2.0 for
$118 each. You chose this because you liked the sound of ribbons not because
you think a $118 driver will automatically satisfy you by default. First thing you
notice about the spec is the recommended crossover frequency of 2khz 2nd order
slope and 98dB sensivity. Selecting one midrange would consist of finding one
with a similar sensitivity rating or less as you could alway L-PAD the tweeter.

Next, which midranges can operate to 2khz ? Some of those metal cone
{Dayton RS >= 6"} or magnesium coned speakers {Seas >=7"} will sizzle
too much at this 2khz crossover, 2nd order. You can make it work by doing
steeper slopes.. The next question to ask.. Do you want a pure midrange or
midwoofer? What type of design is it ? Most midwoofers if not all of them don't
have high sensitivity ratings so you either need to level down the tweeter {bleh}
or use multiple midwoofers to boost sensitivity closer to the output of the tweeter
OR do a fully active system {electronic crossover, not passive} as sensitivity
issues are moot when designing active setups.

If I were to use a tweeter of that caliber I would try to optimize performance
by finding a good sounding midrange driver {Audax has one, PHL has a few,
$70 - $150 ea}. Now you have a great tweeter and midrange but now the
pure midrange svcks for bass output and you need a woofer and your design
ends of migrating to a 3 way design then you have to find a nice woofer
to complete the synergy, to make it easier biamp.

Higher sensitivity speaker designs are cool, more expensive, less drivers to choose from,
and you usually end of making a 3 way system plus sub {unless you are into
the horns solutions or full range single driver solutions}, ideally you want a fully active system,
or biamp for 3 ways... the results are highly rewarding... But most people opt for a more cost
effective design that stays near 90dB sensivity, not in the high 90's in sensitivity.

Those Dayton mids are low sensitivity, they are 5", and they are limited in SPL
by the small size...which doesn't mean anything unless you seek more slam in
your music playback... so you are better off getting a nice sounding dome tweeter
that works nice at 2khz +/- 500hz... If you did choose an exceptional dome
that can dish out more SPL, then maybe do a multiple midrange, single tweeter
design, perhaps a mini array with single center tweeter. /hehe

Alot of people got the boner for the Dayton RS tweeter, <$50? ... a few proven
designs have been posted using it.. Not only would you use the Dayton midrange
but perhaps you can use one of the bigger drivers with that tweeter to get
more umph out of the system.

Examine the modula designs {see sticky}



01-19-2006, 10:31 PM
So your saying that those tweeters that I listed above from madisound are not a good match to those mids?

01-20-2006, 02:40 AM
If you want to be an clever audio person, ask this question instead.

I need a good set of mids to match with these tweeters.

The concept behind this idea explained. Find some great tweeters first
then worry about the mids. I speek in riddles :naughty: :laugh: :)

01-20-2006, 03:31 AM
North Creek tweets would be my recommendation...have to support a fellow Hokie :D