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KnOkIn It 420
01-19-2006, 01:57 PM
Ok I have a 95 Chevy pickup and it will have 4 12" L5s in it soon.Looking to upgrade the rest of the stereo.How does this look? Too much?too lil? Better stuff for the money? etc The 4x6 will mount in the stock locations,and I figure the box is right behind my head,so I will build a lil platform across the sub box to line up the 6x9 across it.I was think 4 tweeters running off the H/U

Kicker 4x6 http://ikesound.com/product-product_id/2904 powered by a....


Kicker 6x9 http://ikesound.com/product-product_id/2291er 6x9 powered by a....


01-19-2006, 02:17 PM
Can you fit any round speakers in there? :)

Like a 5.25 front component set, and 6.5 midbass? The platform idea sounds neat.

I've never done an install in a truck.