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01-14-2006, 07:07 PM
After working and working on our Dodge Dakota, we've come to the conclusion that a problem we thought was oil pump related is electrical related. The guage would randomly read 0 while driving and so we would shut it off. If you turned it back on right after though it had full pressure. We kept playing with it and finally just decided to go all out. We drove it for about an hour with no oil pressure (said the guage). Anyhow the point of this is I finally have a more substantial car to drive than my Corolla.

Problem? It's got an awful stock setup...

Front Speakers
Rear Speakers Size: 6 1/2"Location: FRONT DOORS
Size: 5 1/4"Location: CAB CORNERS

Now I have 2 amps just sitting around my house here, a Lanzar 50w x 2 and a Jensen 100w x 4. Both are at 4 ohms. I was thinking maybe I could pick up a cheap replacement set somewhere that would sound better? Part of the problem I believe is that there are no tweeters at all. Just 4 Midrange drivers and the sound is muddy and bad. Probably even a cheap Pioneer set would make it sound better with the built in tweeters. I was just wondering what maybe a bass level set of speakers that would do well in this application would be? I'm really only figuring on replacing the front 6.5's. I always read that you don't really need rear fill in a pickup truck anyhow. Anyways any ideas or things would be greatly appreciated.

Really Blurry Picture of it...

01-15-2006, 01:13 AM
better than a corolla but can you put the sx in?

01-15-2006, 02:35 AM
I've been milling it over in my head over and over and I can't come up with any way to get the SX in there lol. It would have reasonable difficulty even getting in the door o_O... Really though it's deeper than the whole seatback. Back wall of the cabin to the front face of the seat with it all the way forward is less than the depth of it. :D I might just, since it's a 40/60 split take out the 40 and put a box there with the SX and never make any right turns.

Nah I'm just joking, I'll be driving the Dakota till we can sell it, then I'll be buying an SUV of some sort specifically for my SX lol. Something like a:

The list continues. If it has room in back and is relatively square shaped, I'm all over it. lol