View Full Version : AVIC-D1 and MP3 player

01-11-2006, 01:09 AM
Hello all, a quick scan of the forums didn't bring up this particular topic. I have the Pioneer Avic-D1 installed in my '05 Silverado. While I have read quite a bit on the IPOD interface with this unit I have not found anything about the poossibility of other manufacturer MP3 players and connectivity. Anyone know if there are other mp3 players out there that can be hooked up to this head unit and have the touch panel interface the same way the IPOD can be? I wouldn't mind getting the IPOD but they are too expensive. Any info on this topic would be appreciated.

01-11-2006, 10:22 PM
well, i know the ipod has ipod2car, which is supposed to be very nice w/ the headunit
very fast, and displays all info

01-13-2006, 10:20 AM
any other mp3 players can be hooked up because all you need is a head phone jack to RCA adapter and plug it in the aux. or maybe its a 3.5mm to 3.5mm and its a direct plug into the back