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12-30-2005, 06:45 AM
Alright.. first time posting on this site.

I have a Panasonic AVH-P6400CD system mounted in the dash. I got this for $500 off ebay and it rocks. I want to install a stand alone single disk DVD player (recommendations?) and a 10 disk CD changer.

Yeah.. I know I can buy a DVD changer but not for the price of the player and CD changer combined. The cheapest I saw was like $450. I don't want to run my xbox because I want the music choices for a long friggin' commute.

Can I run a DVD and changer off the the system without a switch? Any power constraints I need to think about? What AMP would you install? Also thinking about adding the XM tuner and antenna to the XM ready HU. Any problems about power draw?

All help appreciated.


12-30-2005, 07:08 AM
how much are u lookin to spend on an amp??

im sure u could wire it to a switch.. just ground it.. give it power to the cig litter wire or battery and wire the postive and stuff..

12-30-2005, 07:11 AM
by the way welcome to cA!

12-30-2005, 07:15 PM
just hook it up to the batt directly if you can, i image as long as you run a smaller amp, you won't see any probs. But, a stock electrical system can only do so much, you might want to look into *at least* a new batt and (more needed) a Higher output alternator.

12-31-2005, 03:32 AM
Are ya sure you have a Panasonic and not a Pioneer? Sounds like a Pioneer model to me.