View Full Version : Searched to no avail....recommendations/comparisons 6x9s???

12-29-2005, 07:13 AM
Hey everyone. I'm looking at getting some new speakers for my car. I've got a Alpine CDE-9843 headunit. I'm gonna be running off headunit power till I can afford an amp. I'm looking at replacing my 4x6's and 6x9's.

I was just wondering what u guys thought of the MTX and Cadence speakers. I looked around and couldn't find much. I've got a guy who can hook me up with some MTX Thunder Dome-Axials 4"x6" model: tdx4602 -- for $50/pair (retail is $69.95) 6"x9" 2way model: tdx6902 -- $75/pair (retail is $119.95) OR, 6"x9" 3way model: tdx6903 -- $94/pair (retail is $149.95). He also has Cadence stuff, he can hook me up with US-653 6.5" components for $108(retail $209) and US-693 6x9's for $130(retail $249). or 4"x6" model zx-461 -- $54 (retail $99) and 6"x9" model zx-691 -- $86 (retail $159). Here's the link for the MTX's http://www.mtx.com/caraudio/products/speakers/dome_axials.cfm

I'd like to get components up front, but 4x6's would be alright. I'm not lookin for some competition level stuff, just something nice with a little thump. I really like the bass that 6x9's put out, so I definately want those in the rear.

If the MTX and Cadence don't work out, I guess I could buy something popular like Alpine, CDT, Infinity, or somethin off e-bay.

Please just let me know what u think.


12-29-2005, 11:58 AM
for some reason i am a fan of type s alpine speakers. i ran my type s comps at full power for a year and they are still soundin loud as ever. i actually just got the type s 6x9's for $30 bucks on ebay, you can get a good deal on them and i am very happy with them.