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12-27-2005, 08:00 PM
Hi guys i'm new and like a good noob i am i like to ask questions before i buy new stuff i have no idea about and speakers falls into that category.

For christmas my girlfriend got me a Phoenix Gold R5.0:4 amplifier. it looks nice and i would love to use it. i've searched the forums for recommendations for this amp but couldn't find anything i could really use.

i'm thinking i would like to get some component speakers from the front and coaxial speakers for the rear <i believe this is a common set up?>

i was think i would like to run the Alpine Type R 6.5" Component and Coaxial, but i am worried about the Type R Components RMS or 75watts.

any ideas and suggestions would be helpful, also switching out the amp for the
R8.0:4 is prollie a no no.

neways i look forward to some feedback and thnx for having an easy to navigate forum. :clap:

12-27-2005, 08:03 PM
Also here are the specs:


Amplifier max output power / channel qty 80 Watts x 4

Amplifier continuous power / channel qty 50 Watts x 4

Amplifier signal-to-noise ratio 110 dB

Amplifier output 4-channel

Amplifier output power / total 500 Watt

Amplifier Output Details

Amplifier output power / channel 50 Watt,150 Watt,75 Watt

Amplifier output impedance / channel 4 Ohm,4 Ohm,2 Ohm

Amplifier output channel qty 4,2,4


Crossover slope 12 dB/octave

Crossover low pass frequencies 40 - 400 Hz

Crossover high pass frequencies 40 - 400 Hz

Crossover bass boost frequency 45 Hz

Crossover bass boost gain 0 to +15dB


Connections type Audio line- in, Audio line- out,Speakers output

Connections qty 2,1

Connections connector type RCA phono x 2, RCA phono x 2

Dimensions & Weight

Width 10.9 in

Depth 13.7 in

Height 2.2 in