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12-25-2005, 06:16 PM
so it's christmas day, we did the family thing, got the presents past, giftmas is over

so i'm bored.

i have an audiobahn 8 that i put a drill bit through at my work (through the surround) so i had to buy it, and now i have it.

i stripped my 4x12 fiberglass enclosure out of my car.

i need bass.

it's come to me, that today, among all days, is the day to build an audiobahn box, so i go to homedepot..

and remember it's christmas day, when i get there, lazy bastards are closed, where are my jews at? why cant they work.

so i go back to the house, i have (1)some extra 1/2 plywood, (2)all my wood working tools (everything i need for box building, this is not my first, ****, this isn't even my 50th box.) (3) some glue and caulk

missing screws! so i go to the gas station for screws, (has all kinds of ****) but no screws, he has nails and gray tape, the plan is shaping in my head.

this will be the shittiest box i have ever built, but ****, it's for an audiobahn, who even cares.

so, i made a box plan on my computer, it's 1 audiobahn 8 in .72 cubes (after displacement) slot ported to 35hz, i'll go start building now, and get pics up of everything.

12-25-2005, 06:17 PM
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