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09-22-2002, 09:57 PM
250 Shipped!!!

The KG-880 is composed of 3 major components

The main control module
Vehicle-base transceiver
2 way LCD remote unit
The main control module is installed on the vehicle. After proper circuit connection, the remote unit can control many functions of the system such as door lock/unlock, arm/disarm, engine start, trunk/hood release and so on. While the system is in arm mode, one can monitor ,via the remote LCD, for various cars status checks such as door open, hood/trunk release, impact and so on. The remote control send range is approximately 300 to 600 m and its monitoring range is 500 to 800m.

If the armed system is triggered, the system will transmit different signals through its transmitter module to the LCD remote unit. By observing the icons with audible and vibration alert of the remote unit, one can safely monitor his or her car.

Code Hopping and Code Learning remote system.
Pre-learned one 2-way controller with 4 buttons, expandable to four transmitters.
Remote starting
Remote (silent) arming/disarming
Starter disables (500mA negative output) in the arming.
Auto re-arms.
Driving lock mode
Car (silent) searching
Defective zone alert and by-pass
Audible intrusion zone identification
Power failure memory.
Key-less entry while ignition is on
Remote panic
Anti-hijack by transmitter and 1 minute delay
Emergency key reset
Last Door Arming set by transmitter
Crank adjustment by transmitter
When triggered by sensor, the siren will sound for 30 sec. and reset automatically
When triggered by door, trunkĄ˘hood or ACC the siren will sound for 60 seconds
Built-in actuatorĄŻs relay
Central locking, active time selectable ¨C 0.5 or 3.5 seconds
Plug-in dual zone shock sensor
Pre-warn away
Two negatives and one positive trigger input
Multi-function LED status indicator
Flashing fuse protects marker lights
Remote trunk and window control features

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