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12-10-2005, 12:16 AM
Hello all, this is my first thread on this forum, although I have responded to a few threads here and there.

Well, here's the issue:

I set out today to reinstall my system after it was stolen. I purchased over the course of the past few months amps and speakers when I found good buys. I have a set of CDT EF-61cf separates, a set of CDT EF-61cv coax/separates, a MTX Thunder 502 (125x2), a MTX Thunder 282 (70x2), and a MTX Thunder 421D (420x1 @ 2ohms).

I got the amps hooked up and I was putting in the front components when I was stymied by the fact that the basket on the CDTs is too large to fit in the 6x8 adapter plate for my front door. As well as the fact that the coaxs are too large to fit in the 6x9 adapter in the rear. In order to get the speakers to fit, it would take a considerable amount of time and hacksawing of either the sheetmetal or my door panel, neither of which appeals to me.

Basically what I would like to know is, are most higher end components going to have oversized baskets? I'm going to sell the CDTs and replace them with something comparable, but if nicer speakers won't fit the adapters I'm SOL because I don't have the time, space, or equipment to fabricate my own mounts.

I'm currently thinking of the JL Audio XR series because I have heard them and I like them, but they are only rated at 70 watts RMS, will they take 125 from the amp that I have?

I'd also take suggestions for component sets in the $300-500 range that will handle 125 watts RMS.

Thanks in advance for any replies, and sorry if the post is rambling, but I tend to do that when I'm a bit upset.

EDIT: I decided to go with JL XRs, so I'll be posting my CDTs for sale soon, once I have some pics.

12-10-2005, 01:17 AM
Instead of selling the CDT's, you could just make your own baffles/adapters. And using solid, custom fit wood baffles usaully yields better results than the plastic drop in ones, which is what I assume you have. Just get a 1/4" or 1/2" piece of MDF or plywood and you can just trace out the outer diameter of the plastic adapters you have now, but use the cardboard template that your CDT's came with to cut the speaker holes. Should cost you no more than $10, and about an hour of your time.

12-10-2005, 01:18 AM
Oh. And where in FL are you? If your near the Orlando area, and will buy the wood, I can help you cut them out and get them installed if you want.

12-10-2005, 01:35 AM
I'm in west Orlando, near Metro West.

The problem is that the space I have to work with in my front doors is less than optimal. I've got a '02 Mazda Protege, so I've got 6x8 holes in the front, and a VERY shallow inner door panel. So, in order to make the speakers not hit my door panels, they'd have to be mounted to the sheetmetal, which is too small for the baskest on the CDTs. I'd need to enlarge the hole by at least .5" in diameter on the short axis (which I'd rater not do), or mount the drivers about 3/4" off the door panel on a spacer, which would cause it to hit the plastic panel (which I'd rather not cut either).

I really appreciate the offer of help, and I'd be glad to stop by to let you take a look.

However, unless we can figure out something that doesn't require extensive cutting of my car, I'm going to find some comps that just drop in.