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12-09-2005, 09:57 PM

My cousin is coming to visit after christmas. He drives a 97 Civic. This past August, we put in his type X front speakers and put P&S throughout the front of his car, as well as run all wires that he needed. (speaker wire, RCAs, Power) He has Type R 6x9s for the back speakers and a CDA-9851 HU. He has the MRV-F345 hooked up to these already. He bought two Type R subs and an MRD-M1005 for his subs. We are planning on installing the subs and both amps.

We will P&S the trunk while he is here, but we are trying to decide what we are going to do with his install. We were thinking about flush mounting the amps with plexi on top to protect them. We were gonna fiberglass an enclosure on either side of the trunk and invert the subs.

If there are any other ideas, let me know, we want to take in all the possiblities and ideas, and decide what is best for him.

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hey man, its up to you, your install, your taste ;) what you said sounds str8