View Full Version : Trance speakers... ?

12-04-2005, 02:23 PM
Does anyone know about a budget brand from Pioneer called Trance? I was in an electronics store earlier today and saw 6x9's, 6 1/2's, 5 1/4's, 4's and tweeters all in boxes that look exactly like Pioneer boxes; and of course the speakers themselves look identical as well. But the "Pioneer" brand name was nowhere to be seen on any of the boxes. Only a big "Trance" in the same style letters as the "Pioneer" logo. Hmm, they even all carry very similar model numbers...

I picked up a pair of the 5 1/4's to put in my front doors. They're two way, have the same Aramid Fiber cones and can handle 180w max. The model number is TS-D130R; hehe, try searching for them... good luck. ;)

The build quality looks to be pretty much the same as Pioneer speakers, but I don't know about the sound quality. I'll have to wait until I install them. :rolleyes:

Oh yeah, the price... they were only $22.50us and I live in Barbados! So that was a hell of a deal for me. :cool: