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11-28-2005, 07:27 PM
Hello everyone, well i have narrowed my choices of Component speakers donw to 3..

1. Infinity Reference 6000CS: can get them used for 200CAD shipped but here is the info: http://www.etronics.com/product.asp...ore=&catid=5767

2. Kenwood KFC-P605IE: http://www.etronics.com/product.asp...ore=&catid=5767

3. Pioneer TS-C1653: http://www.etronics.com/product.asp...ore=&catid=5767

okay well i would like to know what you would purchase and what most component speaker should be crossed at? my Hu has low and high pass filters both starting at 78HZ to 128HZ, but i will be running an external amp witch will have Low and high pass filters as well.. as you can see i'am on a very tight budget 110.00USD or 200CAD max shipping, duty fee and brokage fee all included in the budget price.

i need to make a decision by Thursday December 1 so please help me decide..


11-29-2005, 03:00 PM
I would say the infinity's or pioneers for sure....the kenwoods look a little cheap but they may perform...
I like the sound quality from Infinity for sure.....but they are all comps so they should sound pretty good.
I have no experiance with any of the 3 so just search for ratings everywhere...

I ordered my kicker components off Sonicelectronix.com and I would never order there again just bc of the shipping method when it gets to Canada you get rapped!
I paid ALOT less brokerage fees from Sounddomain both time I made a purches and the weight and cost was more than double what i ordered from sonic.

Good luck on ur decision and keep us updated!


Darth Audio
11-29-2005, 03:15 PM
From the ones you have listed and for your budget I would go with the Infinity's. The reference series from Infinity aren't too bad. I prefer them to the Kappa's.

And BTW not all comp sets sound good.