View Full Version : Opinions on HT System, non-DIY

11-25-2005, 11:45 PM
I need your choice on the home theatre systems. I pretty want the best bang for the buck. If u have any other opinions, they will be greatly appreciated. Not over $210.

Pioneer HTD-240 >>http://www1.bottomdollar.com/search_techspecs_full.php/masterid=2992155
Panasonic SC-HT700 >>http://www1.bottomdollar.com/search_techspecs_full.php/masterid=779677
Samsung HT-P38 >>http://www1.bottomdollar.com/search_techspecs_full.php/masterid=7954508
JVC TH-M303 >>http://www1.bottomdollar.com/search_techspecs_full.php/masterid=2582589
Sony HT-DDW670 (doesn't come with DVD player, I already have one) >>http://www1.bottomdollar.com/search_techspecs_full.php/masterid=7160408
Kenwood DVT-6300 >>http://www1.bottomdollar.com/search_techspecs_full.php/masterid=3184350

11-27-2005, 03:53 AM
The best thing to do is to go to Circuit City or Best Buy and listen to all of their systems finding the one that has the sound that you like. If you wanna hear something specific make the CC or BB losers (NG) hook stuff up for you. Find what you like write down the model numbers and prices and walk out. Go online find it cheaper there, or just buy from the Big Box. Pioneer has one out that is pretty decent, a general rule of thumb stay away from BOSE. The best way to remember Bose is "No Highs, No Lows, must be Bose"....