View Full Version : Lookin for sound system ideas for a Grand Cherokee

11-16-2005, 02:21 PM
I have a 97 ZJ with the Infinity Gold factory system in it. Whenever I would turn it up past half way the music would cut out. I recently installed my Alpine 9830 but this didn't change the problem.

Now I have decided to redo the entire system after I get my lift and tires on. I already have the HU and amps(Jbl 180.2 & JBL 600.1). I know what sub I am getting (RE SE) and am still deciding on what comps I want to run. I will be replacing the rear speakers(blown) with upgraded ones but not comps.

One of the things I am looking into is cutting out the front door speaker grilles and making pods in there place depending on how much room I need. Also thinking about a custom fiberglass sub box somewhere in the back. The amps will be placed under the rear seat.

If you guys could direct me to pics of custom systems in Jeeps like I am thinking of that would be great. If possible post them on here. Thanks guys!!