View Full Version : Sony CDX-F7715X= Unbeatable performance for the $

11-12-2005, 05:31 AM
I just picked up a 7715X today because I tired quickly (after 2 days) of using a CDX-L300 that I found lying around as a source unit. I just needed something better to use in the time between now and when I get my Clarion DRZ9255 in the next couple months (I'm waiting on my Pioneer credit). My major reasons for the purchase of this particular model was the price, Burr-Brown D/A, rotary volume knob, 7 band EQ, internal crossovers, a built in auxilliary input, 2-year warranty, and 3 pairs of 4v preouts. Other models considered were the Pioneer Premier DEH-P670MP and DEH-P770MP, the Kenwood Excelon KDCX589 and 689, as well as the Alpine 9847 and 9851.
To be completely honest, I was not expecting sound as good as what this unit produced for the amount of money I paid for it. I was losing 6 bands of EQ adjustment, 2.5volts of signal strenght in the outputs, and time alignment after moving down from a Pioneer Premier DEH-P860MP. Out of the box, it was nothing to write home about, but I got it tuned up right with my amp and it rails now. My sub even sounds better then it did with the 860, and the clarity and detail is fabulous. I have more midbass then ever out of the Hex's, but I do feel as though I am missing a bit of warmth in the midrange, which I'll try and pick back up again tomorrow with more tuning. Maybe the 24bit BB D/A's are worth the hype. The unit is set right now with the DSO on 1 temporarily, I have yet to decide if I really like this feature or not. My LPF is at 78hz, and my HPF is set on 125hz at the moment.
The good news is I can say that hands down, this CD player is worth $279.95 retail price without a single doubt in my mind. I am very happy with my decision over all of the other CD players in the price bracket, and I can think of a few more expensive units that it outperforms. It is actually kind of nice going to a simple flip face unit and not having to wait for a motorized face to move. My system sounds as good if not better then it did before with the Pioneer, no question. I do wish it had the T/A feature, but that cannot be expected at this price point.
I purchased this unit planning on getting rid of it after a month or two of use when I get my Clarion, but it is quite the little performer and has a few features that the Clarion will not have (such as an internal amp) so I might just have to keep it around in my arsenal.