View Full Version : Help me with BassBox pro plzzzzzz!

11-06-2005, 07:49 AM
Hi, i am having problem entering some inputs for m y driver into the bassbox pro. I have a TS-W12PRS and in the update, bassbox pro has already most of the values builted in. Under parameters i must pick dual voice cz its a dual voice right? but what about separete/parallel/series which one chould i pick? when it is suggesting a net internal vomume, i am picking high output suggestions for volume, it said i need Vb=0.7ft^3 and 33.66Hz tuning frq, How the hell is that, thats a very small volume:S. Under dimensions many dimensions were not available, i measured them and entered the missing ones( magnet diameter, depth etc...) what am i doing wrong??? thx...