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11-06-2005, 12:15 AM
To exploit the full power of high impact music one needs to listen to this;

Modern Drummer Festival Weekend 2003

It's one of my favorite demo DVD's.

"Nathaniel Townsley and his Trio" - When the bass guitar player hits his notes,
the 49 cent midwoofers in a tuned port with 'room gain' knocks stuff off the 53"
TV like remotes and CD's. Measured 126dB[c] upper midbass peaks at listening
position. pretty cool for cheap 4" drivers and no woofers/subs in the sound system.
Imagine what can be done with drivers costing more than 49 cents :yumyum:

The real showcase is listening to snare drums. 1200 watt transients mated to
104dB sensitivity [calculated] is pretty intense, even for 'cheap' drivers....
Imagine what can be done with drivers costing more than 49 cents :yumyum: :yumyum:

The Eagles - Farewell 1 Tour - Live From Melbourne (2005)

Hotel California - The intro has the dude playing the horn and at elevated SPL
levels I believe it's louder than if the guy was in the house playing that horn,
pretty intense sound, very clean and will destory some virgin ears.

If you have a line array designed for ultimate punishment, you have to be
spanked for not having this in your music collection;
Slayer - Reign In Blood: Still Reigning

The song 'Raining Blood' is pretty cool. Slayer has a habit of blowing circuit breakers when cranked, very nice. This particular song they installed sprinklers
on top of the stage to 'rain blood' on the band members. Tom Araya [singer]
with his long hair, body covered in 'blood' is head spinning in circles with
bloody wet hair and when you watch the video and experience 120+ dB[c]
of midrange guitar screaming, you get a boner. What could be better? .....I know,
the real line array I'm building, not this entry level system :p: Even I get
amazed at what this system can do in reference to 'store bought' [junk].

Did I mention already -> Imagine what can be done with drivers costing more than 49 cents ?

11-06-2005, 12:20 AM
i love that eagles album.....i went to them last year when they were up in my area. there pretty good live

11-06-2005, 12:26 AM
To add;

The power of a line array has a habit of revealing the source end,
whether good or bad. One example;

Everyone in cyber recommends this as a SQ reference. "ooooh, it sounds so good" .. "ah... Diana rules, best I've ever heard "....

Diana Krall - Live in Paris (2001)

... so I buy this DVD to check out, waiting for the SQ magic of her voice to mezz me...
Song starts off good, John Clayton playing with this strings on bass, her voice comes
and grabs you..... THEN, the rest of the band kicks in and there is some god aweful hiss
in the backround as if someone patched in a bad instrument in the mixer during the
recording session... fugg,, when you have a high sensitivity loudspeaker this nasty is
more annoying as it's amplified pretty loud .. I was trying to figure out if it was due to
a certain musician but I couldn't pin-point the source.

I connected headphones to the source and ... yep .. it's there, but faint... nobody would
really notice --- because they don't have a sound system to exploit the weak recording....

Bottom line: It's the svck, far from being a SQ reference.

On the other hand, her SACD music is cleaner... but Slayer or Vader ownz her :)