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11-04-2005, 04:36 AM
Secret recipe to improve sound


1. blender
2. frozen pineapple chunks
3. frozen mandarin orange chunks
4. frozen strawberry chunks
5. grenadine
6. master of mixes sweet n' sour
7. jose cuervo regular margarida mix
8. jose cuervo strawberry magarida mix
9. souza tequilla or whatever brand
10. midori watermelon liquor {green stuff}
11. ice cubes

1. place ice cubes in blender.
2. add 2 part strawberry margarida mix
3. add 1/2 part sweet n' sour
4. add 1/2 part regular margarida mix
5. add 4 chunks each, pineapple, mandarin, strawberry
6. add 1 shot of midori
7. add 1/2 shot grenadine

Turn on blender, use large spoon to mix and add ice as needed to thicken
into ice sludge.

Taste, is it yummy ? if yes, add tequilla slowly, mix, taste, repeat until you
reached your desired flavor.

Drink the whole container while listening to tunes, should sound much better
your audio system is <yoda>

11-04-2005, 05:18 AM
It would be easier and cheaper just to slam the liquor and/or smoke a joint ... :D

But this recipe tastes good.... :yumyum:

I also have 6 gallons of my dad's DIY moonshine, he made 26 gallons...
grape based. Store bought booze can't touch it :) ... he made the best shine...

The trick is to balance flavor with alcohol otherwise just buy everclear and get
bombed drinking only alcohol :(

He made a crazy recipe using fruit unknown to us, it's got a nice aroma
and hits you harder... we called 'Zen-ebra'.

My old lady drank 3 gallons, 3 months of the regular shine when she was
ill ... she won't drink store bought scotch anymore because it's weak. I had
to hide the rest of my 6 gallons as it is now a rare item.. {dad died last year}.

Looking back, I shoulda learned that trade.

PV Audio
11-04-2005, 08:20 AM
lol u post some crazy ****

11-04-2005, 09:12 AM
Wow, that is crazy. I think making shine would be a very benifical trade to learn...hmm......*starts thinking*

11-04-2005, 01:14 PM
If you saw the way my dad made shine, you would never drink booze again.

He was doing mass production in the backyard with a home made still in
the 'shack'. The still was simple.

A 50 gallon wine barrel cut in half.
Inside is the cooling copper coil with water inside.
A large fan on the barrel to keep the water cool.

You but the 'cah cah' inside ordinary pressure pots used in cooking
and you 'cook' the stuff. The liquid comes out of the top {you modded the lid
with a valve I think?} that feeds the copper tube.

The 'cah cah' is the grape 'stuff', could be grape, grape skin only, any other
fruit with the sugar mix in large vats sitting outside.

The ugly part. The fruit fly invasion on the fruit mix. He didn't care, all that
bug gets mixed in and eventually gets cooked.

I told you the secret ingridient -> fly

That gives the booze it's panache...

Serisouly, I don't think some flies in a 50 gallon vat contribute to anything, but
thinking about it is... > gross < :D

There is alot of trial and error to get it good.

To filter the goo out of the still all you need is a fine woven hanky for a screen,
put it on top of the funnel and pour the liquid into your 1 gallon wine bottles.

Get the $4 1 gallon cheap wine at the store and save the bottles for shine.

Might be cheaper than buying empty bottles??? /hehe

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Is this better?