View Full Version : eu-700 grills

10-24-2005, 08:31 PM
okay i have a 1989 gmc sierra and i need some bass so im going to put 2 of the eu-700s in my doors (1 on each side). but i need some grills for them so nobody will hurt them when they get in. so i have a set of cdt kama's, can i use the grill that came with them on these? also im just going ot hook these up to my amp and then run another wire from the amp to my kama cross overs and then to the kama tweeters untill i can get some better ones. i know alot of u guys say not to run the eu-700's like mid woofers but i really dont need mid bass i need low bass. and for 50 bucks a pop u cant beat this. so where can i get grills for these or can i just use my cdt grills. thanxs alot guys -andy-