View Full Version : Alpine CDA-9855 owners with XM Radio

10-24-2005, 12:14 PM
Anyone who owns an Alpine CDA-9855 head unit and is using the Terk XM unit, can you tell me how well the deck controls the tuner and what information it displays on the screen?

Is it just one line, or multiple?

Thanks guys!

10-27-2005, 01:13 AM
on the hu with xm direct, it displays the artist on the first line and the song title on the second line. it works well, but if i scan from channel 9 (90's on 9) to something like channel 48 (squizz) i will lose the artist info and song info. i dunno if it is just my setup or they are all like that, but it is not too much of a big deal, so i never really looked into this problem. you can also just let it display the song title with the calendar and time underneath, or just display the channel name. i've also had a p860 (pioneer) with xm too, i do prefer that the pioneer remote let you input any channel number and go directly to that channel, w/ alpine you will have to by another remote, cheapest i've seen was for $50 retail, but could be had on ebay cheaper. another thing, coming from a pioneer hu w/ xm you can switch categories on the fly and each time you keep changing the channel, it stays on the same category and doesnt switch, i knew where i was w/o having to keep looking @ the display all of the time. with the alpine, you can change cats, but it will not stay in the same category like the pioneer did, so i dont know what channel i am going to anymore if i keep changing channels. i prefer the way pioneer controls the xm receiver better than the way alpine controls the xm receiver, the only real advantage that alpine has is that it can display the artist and the title @ the same time. and with pioneer, you could only see one line @ a time, this is not terks fault, but the way pioneer made their hu's, if pioneer comes out next year with a two line display model, i will def. jump all over that. but if you are looking to buy a hu just for sat. radio, i say go for the pio, but for all else, i like the 9855 better. others will prob. argue that, but go to crutchfields website and you can look at the owner's manual or just go to alpine's web site and dl it there.

10-27-2005, 01:20 AM
also, there is any auxiliary data field, that i have yet to figure out. i looked in my manual, but alpine just has one line that just mentions the word of it, and nothing more, unless i have overlooked it. i also did a google search a couple of weeks ago and couldnt find anything. i have it turned on, but when i switch the display over to it, nothing comes up but around 5 dash marks (-----). the display can also scroll, one line at a time, i wish that both would scroll at the same time, but if you dont like that feature, you can turn it off. with my ex-pioneer unit w/ the p910xm, i couldnt at all. you can also set it up where with the alpine and xm to just scroll one time when you change the channel. i wish the scrolling would be faster, but hey you cant get what you want. anything else, just pm me

10-27-2005, 08:33 AM
Awesome, thanks for the response. You pretty much covered everything I could have thought about asking. :)