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10-18-2005, 01:24 PM
Hi everybody.

I had been looking around this site for a while now. But never posted in here before.

A couple weeks ago, I bought through ebay a dxz645mp HU. I received it last week and paid for professional installation. Everything seems to work perfect, but I am having too many problems reading MP3 files and sometimes, regular audio burned cds.

Once in a while, when I put a burned cd on it, the HU starts playing it with no problem. After a couple songs it just stops playing (same ocurrors if I skip between songs) but no error come from the unit, just like you press "pause" with no pause. Obviously, no sound and counter doesn't walk.

I remove then the cd from the bay (sometimes it let me remove it ok, sometimes it will keep it until I turn off/on the unit, so I can retrieve it). Take the faceplate away for a couple minutes, then back on. Sometimes it works again. I had notice that the most I keep the faceplate off, the more chance I have for no errors. (Maybe heat??)

I had noticed special problem with my CD-R cds. All original audio discs works fine `til now. Same with most CD-RW discs (also filled with mp3 files). My last unit was a RFX-9100 from RockFord and because it doesn't read wma files, I have no wma discs.

HU has no warranty since the last owner adquired it as a second hand unit too. So this is something I have to go thtough no matter what.

Old owner confess he had this behavior a couple times before but not this often. He even ask me for the unit back in such good bussiness intention. But, since I don't live in the US (never noticed if I haven't tell you all, huh?). Return it to him, is not an option. He told me that maybe, it could be something relating les alignment (?) Maybe got drop on shipping or something. Dunno. But, there is something called "lase pickup replacement" available from factory for just $15.99. Would it fixed my problem?

Now, I am sure this is a good unit. So my second option is to get an ipod for MP3/WMA/ORG playback and directly attach it to the unit through their CeNet connection.

I would appreciate any reply from you guys. I had seen there is a very pro people in here!

Thanks in advanced,


10-18-2005, 02:06 PM
Maybe call Clarion, see what they have to say?

10-18-2005, 02:08 PM
i beleive you got a refurbished item quite possibly or someone abuse the unit (previous owner) call clarion x2

10-18-2005, 02:21 PM
Thanks ppl.

Maybe some authorized dealer email address? A call from my country would be quite expensive to me and there is no Clarion Dealer in here :-\