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Fosgate Forever
10-17-2005, 07:44 PM
OK i just bought the cda 7998 fantom face and i noticed it has phone keys on it now is there a phone built into it i can pay for service or can i plug my cell phone into it and dial and talk through my system any help would be appreciated

10-17-2005, 07:53 PM
i really dont think those are phone keys

Fosgate Forever
10-17-2005, 08:14 PM
well hmm http://www.mobileaudio.lv/mobileaudio/bildes/raksti/arnis/P7201813.jpg those look like phone keys to me

Randy Savage
10-17-2005, 09:00 PM
You have to buy an interface from Alpine.

Call em up.

Fosgate Forever
10-17-2005, 09:14 PM
now this intereface does it use my phone or service provided by alpine

10-20-2005, 03:26 AM
TORRANCE, Calif., Dec 23, 2002 - Alpine Electronics of America, Inc., the industry-leading manufacturer of high performance mobile electronics, today announced that it is shipping the industry's first hands-free mobile phone solution that fully integrates with select Alpine aftermarket car audio head units. Alpine's MobileHub(TM) for the Nokia 6310i (CXA-B200NK) allows one-button call/answer, speed dialing, phone book access, and text message (SMS) alert to be controlled through nine Alpine head units and delivers superior hands-free sound quality by taking advantage of the vehicle's car audio system. MobileHub also is the first aftermarket solution that allows users to send and receive text messages through select head units when the vehicle is parked.

MobileHub, co-developed by Alpine and Nokia Smart Traffic Products, the automotive division of the Nokia Corporation, is currently compatible in the U.S. market with Nokia's new 6310i GSM phone (sold separately through AT&T Wireless). MobileHub is available now for a target retail price of $299.

"MobileHub is the first step in providing a truly integrated voice and data communications link to the world outside the vehicle," said Steve Witt, Alpine's vice president of Brand Marketing. "This product is the latest innovation in Alpine's integrated multimedia platform, which addresses the need for easy-to-use systems that work together as the in-vehicle space transforms to encompass audio, video, navigation and telematics."

MobileHub has separate drive and park modes to control feature set access. While in driving mode, MobileHub can be programmed to automatically answer a call without any driver action and will mute other audio programming. When a call is received, the number and caller's name (if in the user's mobile phone book) is displayed on the head unit. Speed dials can be selected through the head unit's keypad and terminated with a one-button "end" function. In addition, users can search their phone book by alphabetical scroll or name search using the radio's rotary knob when the car is parked.

Alpine's two FantomFace(TM) XL head units and its new IVA-D900 Mobile Multimedia Station(TM) were designed from the ground up for expanded MobileHub integration. When in park, users can also direct dial using the FantomFace head units' 10-button keypad or GUI display on the IVA-D900. These three head units also feature oversized display panels for improved information visibility and ease of use. Additionally, the FantomFace and IVA-D900 allow users to receive and reply to text messages using ten preset templates with common phrases.

The MobileHub package includes the main handset integration unit, mobile phone cradle, microphone with mounting adapters and a serial connector for future connectivity. As a wired hands-free system, MobileHub also allows for battery charging of the Nokia 6310i handset. MobileHub requires an external antenna (sold separately through retailers nationwide) that will improve mobile phone reception within the vehicle environment.

Alpine offers nine MobileHub-ready head units, including the CDA-7998 and CDA-7897 FantomFaceXL CD head units, the CDA-9805, CDA-9807, CDA-9811, CDA-9813 and CDA-9815 CD head units, and the CVA-1004 and IVA-D900 Mobile Multimedia Stations.

I have the deck and the phone, now I just need the MobileHub...

Fosgate Forever
10-20-2005, 10:12 AM
**** figures nextel isnt compatable with **** i dont have the phone or the hub