View Full Version : speaker wiring question

10-14-2005, 05:24 PM
I'm pretty new to this car audio so I'm hoping to get some help here.I'm putting a set of polk mmc570's in a 04 f150 regular cab in the doors. I have a Memphis 16-mc2004 to power them. What's the best way to wire them?

The polks are are 80w rms 4 ohm and the Memphis is 50x4 at 4ohm and 75x4 at 2ohm.

Should I bridge them to get 100 watts to each speaker . Is that to much to send to these speakers? When bridging do I plug the front rca's on my HU to the fronts on the amp and the rear rca's from the HU to the rears on the amp and use the fronts for one speaker and the rears for the other? HU is a Clarion dxz745mp if that matters.

It says the polks are bi-ampable I'm not real clear on this. Would that be using all 4 channels running one each to each tweeter and each midbass? Would use the crossovers on the amp and not the ones supplied with the speakers? Would 50w be enough for these speakers?

Thanks in advance.