View Full Version : What speakers to get running off of a head unit?

10-14-2005, 04:26 PM
I'm doing some planning in here...hopefully in a month or so I can pickup one of the new Eclipse head units and some speakers. The only thing I've dealt with before is a set of MBQuart speakers(RSD-216 RKC-116) and an MTX amp. I don't want to take up ANY room in my trunk as nearly 1/2 will be gone with my sub. So that means no more amps at all period. Unless you guys can tell me that I could mount it under my seat or something but even then I dunno as it does cost more money.

So, what speakers should I look at that can be powered and sound good off of an Eclipse head unit? I don't know many 'good' names besides what I've seen in stores.

I need 5 1/4" component in the front, 6 1/2" coaxial in the back. Don't have a real budget yet but the cheaper the better. No more than $500 for sure. SQ SQ SQ but obviously loud enough for daily driving with the windows down on the highway. I'm driving an '06 Scion tC.

10-16-2005, 05:52 PM
I mounted my friends amp under the seat....however the amp was not very big and BARELY clears the bottom of the seat when its pushed forward to let people in the back. Same car... put the amp under the drivers seat cuz that seat will most likely be moved less... and you also have the space where the spare tire sits, some cutting of the foam will be in order but still another option.

10-17-2005, 02:54 PM
Thanks for the reply I didn't think I'ld get one as it'ld been a few days.

Yeah I'm considering putting an amp under my seat. What amp was it?

Your sig makes me want to paintball...it's been so long o_0

10-18-2005, 08:47 PM
It was a smaller kenwood amp. 350rms @ 4ohms 2" in height, 10" Deep, 7" wide. you could always cut a section of carpet out from under the seat, that way you could fit a deeper amp... The amp has some movement, but its pushed towards the front as far as it can go, so people dont mash it when they get into the rear seats..

Im so sick of paintball. Every weekend and once during week. really burned out. Tournies ruin the fun, so much drama, I swear to god its got to be worse than cheerleading... I do love ripping into people though, bonus balling IS paintball...

We also added a pair of EU700s into the foam part of the trunk, under the deck\lid that sits over the spare tire, and used that square (on the right of the spare) cut out as a mold, fiberglassed it, and made another spacer to go over the foam out of 3\4 inch MDF. Those little guys make some noise for their size, and sound pretty good, (even off that old kenwood and stock deck) AND didnt lose any trunk space...