View Full Version : Gonna try build a box.

10-14-2005, 01:20 AM
Well I know how to install most car audio and stuff. I usually get my boxes built for me. Well I dont have the money to dump into a nice ported box. As of right now I have a cheap prefab box and in it is 2 alpine type r series subs. The box is sealed. Well I listen to alot of rock and alternative music and sometimes rap. I want clean bass as well as loud bass so I guess sql would be the term. Will I be making a mistake going ported if I listen to alot of rock and alternative. The mids in my woofers **** ***. The low end isnt too bad. I want both, so thought if I make a nice ported box it would sound better. What specs do you think I should go for those? I am running a older lanzer vhc high current amp 1200. It will be in a 2002 cavalier ls 2 dr. Thanks in advance.:)

10-14-2005, 01:24 AM
If you tune low enough, you can still maintain the SQ while having the output you are looking for... Most tune around 28Hz for good SQ.

10-14-2005, 02:03 AM
Yeah I read that for sq to tune at 20 to 28 for sq. I have had a few ported boxes and they never really did well on rock or alternative. But the mid part and low end was amazing. Do you think I should port it still or make a custom made sealed box out of 3/4 mdf?

10-16-2005, 12:38 PM
if you want to change the current sealed enclosure to a ported enclosure and want sound quality out of it. you have to take into account how big is your current enclosure. do you have room for a port opening and how big. do you have room for a port that is around 30" +-10" in length. have you considered going single sub, to allow one sub to have a bigger enclosure and have room for a port and get a lower freq response. have you tough of getting a subwoofer EQ to increase or decrease the gain of a particular freq or set of freq?.
model your current enclosure to see a close representation of the freq response you have now. and add eq settings to see what you get. calculate the same enclosure with just one sub. its allot easier to redesign a new box then it is to mod a current enclosure to sound a particular way. but if your lacking enclosure area in your trunk, ether stick to what you have now and add a sub EQ or get rid of one sub and go ported. humm what else can i say.