View Full Version : Audiomobile and Hi-Fi Stereo in Oakland, CA

10-13-2005, 04:47 AM
Audiomobile: very great installers. the price you pay for here is what you really get. kind of high prices for installs but there worth it. however, the price of the items you buy here is close to retail, so i only come here for labor work (rarely). the owner is kool, and the workers dont look too happy lol. money talks here.

Hi-Fi stereo: this place is family owned and unorganized. why do they have the wife at the counter front when she doesnt know wtf a fuse or terminal is? before i had my tint done, i talked to to the owner here and he told me "im charging you this much because we have to remove your entire rear panels to tint the rear window since the third rear brake light is in the way". so i thought about it, that sounds fair so i go ahead and accept his offer. after 2 hours roaming the shop in and out, i never see the installer remove my rear deck panel and went ahead and just tinted my rear window. i was quite disapointed because i had a 3rd brake light on the rear windshield and theres like 3 small bubbles there (not noticeable), but it was pretty shady to lie to get sales. id stay away from this store, i only come here to pick up some accesories when in desperate need. what makes the owner more shady is, he'd rather deal with a customer that looks like he or she would pay for sure...and that customer is someone who walks in who doesnt know nothing about ICE and gets ripped off easily:uhoh: