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10-05-2005, 10:53 PM
Recently i installed a REHC 15" in a temporary 2.25 cuft box and it sounds really good and hits hard and low but some cds with higher bass is lacking. I was actually suprised by how low and loud the sub was since i had it sealed. But i want it to be a little more even on the output or at least not be as lacking on those cds with higher bass. From my understanding of the sub it is a lowend monster so it should be uneven like that but also the sub was designed for ported enclosures and since i have it sealed would that really mess up the upper frequencies?
So my main question is what would the output gain be by porting it for my specific sub? Would it even it out at all or would it just make all the bass hz louder? And is there any other way to get it more even?
I was planing on putting it in a 3.5 cuft box tuned to around 34hz anyway but i wanted to see what others thought.



10-06-2005, 06:52 AM
quick question:
how do you have your amp and HU crossovers set to?

if your looking for that upper bass, then you might want to change your crossover points to like 80Hz and if possible 120Hz but at 120Hz you may get a slight mumble from male singers.

I'm sure your not sending a full range of music to the sub. "well i hope not". lol, so before getting a new box and waisting your money, play around with your amp and HU crossover point to gain some volume on the upper bass freq. if your HU has a crossover start by setting that one to normal trough and only changing the amp xover.

10-06-2005, 04:04 PM
i have messed around with the head units xovers but it didnt really improve the upper bass....i need to mess with the amps xover but i think i set it high to begin with...the amp settings are hard to get to in my trunk but i'll try that today...

any other suggestions..