View Full Version : head unit problems... LX100. help please

10-02-2005, 08:03 PM
alright, heres the problem, i have a JVC LX100 deck(Kameleon) and ive had it for the past few years with no problems whatsoever. overall ive been very happy with the deck, but just last week. i put in a cd, it played a few tracks, than it stopped playing the cd all together. i tryed other cd's and cleaning the lens, with no luck. when my cars on, all i hear is static noise with a slight beat*very staticy* and when the cars off, i can hear the music, but only slightly. i have to have it cranked up to were id normally be going deaf to get any sort of sound out of it. but once again, thats only when the cars off, not when its on...

all help is greatly appreciated. if anyone has any idea's as to what could be causing this problem, please let me know.

thanks for your time,


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