View Full Version : components.. and yeah i've searched

10-02-2005, 08:41 AM
and yes before you ask... i've been searching for the last 2 hours... everything is soo mixxed on here..

sub-dd 9515 ... amp-2500d... so yes i'm wanting some loud *** mids... i have 4 infinity kappa 6 1/2 coaxials -- ran them on an alpine v-12 with 80 watts each but i'm wanting my new system to get louder.. i plan on running one set of kappas in the back doors -- yes i'm running rear fill because i have friends in the back that would like to hear too... -- i might glass the other set in the kicks and i have a set of rf 6x9's in the front doors if i can't decide..

blah blah blah--- basically i want a set of comps that get REALLY loud and sound good.. --not great but good... with good kick bass--something my kappas do great-- here's what i'm looking at.. and i haven't heard any of these so help me out.. i've heard JL xr's .. and i loved them but they're a bit too much need to stay about 200 bucks..

running off a 800/4 orion..



looked at the type r's but since they only handle 70 watts.. don't know how loud they're going to get and i don't want to over-power them..

10-02-2005, 11:43 AM
definately looking for suggestions.. i'm wondering if anyone has tried the DD comps yet?.. i'm very impressed with their subs i might try their comps out...