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10-02-2005, 01:46 AM
Ok so i've been throwing around a setup plan and i have a good idea of what i want but the whole putting into action thing is where i'm having a doubt on if it will actually work.

I have an 01' Focus sedan, its got a huge *** trunk. So here in lies my plan.

For subs i was thinking about (4) 8 in. RE RE's ported, maybe 38hz getting 200w each all in seperate chambers firing towards the trunk lid. my max dimensions for this install are
28" D
40" W
11.5" H
this is going to be my first ported box build, i've only done sealed before because of space restraints in my other car.

1. will i actually be able to do this kind of install, do you think i have the room?

I've also been trying to use different ported box calculators and havn't had much success as they just been giving me dimensions for one giant box for a single 8.

I figured out the box dimensions i need with sub displacement according to RE specs. which reccomend a volume of 0.5 cu.ft ported but i havnt been able to figure out how to add a port to those box dimensions simply because i dont know what RE actually calls for so i also cannot calculate for the port in the box too.

2.To make a ported box like i want i just simply make a sealed box and add a port right?

3. So does anyone know what RE calls for in a port for the RE 8's because i'm quite sure that i can make plans for the box if i know what size port i need if i'm right in my above question.

4. and of course the "how is this going to be in the sq/spl department?"

I can't help but feel oh so noob like asking questions like this, but its simply something i need help on from you guys.

-Thanks for any input

10-04-2005, 11:34 AM