View Full Version : Replacing a CDX-L600X with a DEH-P6700MP

10-01-2005, 02:07 PM
This HU is around 3 years old now and it's starting to skip a lot, regardless of which CD i put in it. It's really a shame because this unit has a built-in 7-band EQ which allows me to tailor the sound just the way i like it. And the quality isn't bad at all either.

Anyways, i'm not going to get another Sony because i've been told by countless people here that they do not stand up to the heat and rough roads here as well as the Pioneers do. SO, i'm looking at getting either a DEH-P8600MP or a 6700. I say either or because i can afford the 6700 now, but if i find the 8600 at a good price, i might just get it. So i've pretty much settled on the 6700 for now.

I bought a pair of Pioneer TS-A6981R's yesterday which i'm now in the process of installing in my 2001 Corolla (i just stopped for a breather :D). The speakers in the front doors will eventually be replaced with a pair of Pioneer 5.25" coaxials, hopefully the TS-A1730R's if i can fnd them here. All four speakers will run straight off of HU. Later on down the line i also plan to buy an amp and a 10" sub and drop them in the trunk.

SO, any comments/suggestions on my choice of HU?

10-01-2005, 07:01 PM
You will thank yourself later by just spending the extra money and get the DEH-p8600mp. i like the 6700mp i installed on in my girlfriend car and it cool, but the 8600mp is on a completely different level as far as SQ, function, features, and form. I have a 860mp in my car and all i can say was WOW when i first installed it