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10-01-2005, 06:25 AM
i am looking for some 2 way components for the front and rear doors of my tahoe. i have 4 xxx 15's and two hifonics xx-colossus, so they need to be able to handle a lil power to keep up with that. i have a tx-8805 right now that does [email protected] ohms, or [email protected] to run them with, but am not against getting a new amp if needed. basically, i need a starting point so i can eventually find some components that i like. so i guess any ideas you might have would be great. id like to stay around(or under) the $500 range.

10-01-2005, 01:06 PM

You'll never get components to keep up with four 15" XXX's.

Horns would be your best option. Ditch the rears, watch the forums and ebay for some good used CD1 Pro's, find a good midbass driver to mate with them, find a good active xover and a 4-channel amp (which it appears you already have). Could be done for right around $500 if you found good deals. Hell, you could even use XXX mids to keep up with the "theme". Then just find some good horns and an active xover (like the Coustic XM6, which can be had for around $85 on egay) and you're set.

10-01-2005, 05:46 PM
what is the mounting depth on the xxx mids? and how much power should they be fed to make them happy?

10-01-2005, 10:14 PM
Depth is around 3.75".

Power, 100-200w. And remember; they are 2ohm mids.

10-02-2005, 05:31 AM
i like the idea of horns, they (the one or two setups i have heard) sound good, but, i have no idea how to properly set it up. so, i might just end up with some tweets. cause i dont want to waste money on something i cant make sound right.