View Full Version : HU suggestions

09-28-2005, 04:54 PM
I was just wondering if you guys had any suggestions on a decent HU....i'm about to be purchasing a 96' impalla ss....black and leather interior......86k miles, clean as **** for out $11,000.....but anyways i have an old set up from my previous car that i might put in it but i am hoping to upgrade, i am lookin to go with a green display inside the car and i want to get the new alpine 12'' type-r subs eventually but right now i will probably be workin with my old pioneer 350s, 2 12'' on an older sony 1000w amp.....i had 4 rockford fosgate components in my old car but unfortunatly my dad sold the car with them still in it so i am in the market for some speakers too if any suggestion......i won't have a lot of money to be spending right away but if you know of any great deals let me know....i am very intereseted in pure qualty of the sound so i might safe up for something a little more expensive if it makes that much a differece......but anyways i'm open for anyones opinions