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09-23-2005, 09:23 PM
I want to make some door pods for some new oz matrix elites. Im going to make a dome "ish" structure so i could utilize as much space as i have in the door. ( i have a honda civic 95' dx so there is that black plastic piece that holds the speaker, so with it out i have this empty hole) I was thinking that i could make some wooden structure with two rings and a couple of rods connecting them that are around 1.6 inches long. Then fiberglass around and just have this domeish component. Then get a mold of the actual door area from where im going to put the pods. Could i just simply attach the dome and the mold together by just layering the place where they contact with some fiberglass and resin? It was a long explanation and mabye i didnt need to have it this long, got me way to comfortable in my chair, but any input would be much appreciated. thank you...