View Full Version : how to set crossover points on an alpine cda-9855/53 ***HELP***

09-21-2005, 05:47 PM
i just installed an alpine 9855 and those of you with an alpine 9853 or 9855 how do you change the crossover points? i don't need the actual points you set it at but i can't seem to find out how to adjust the low and highpass for each speaker.

a little about my system. i have:

hu: alpine cda-9855
front mids: cdt hd-6
front tweets: cdt drt-26s
front amp: alpine mrv-f345
rearfill: cl-6e (off headunit)

i have my fronts running active and the rear off the headunit. the tweets are on channels 1/2 and the mids are on 3/4. my question is should i use the 2way or 3way crossover on the deck and how can i adjust the frequency's of each speaker. i know on the deck the tweeters are running on the front preout while the mids are on the rear preout. i'm currently using the crossover on the amp itself but would like to turn off the amp crossover and use the hu's crossover.

any help would be appreciated and if any of this sounds confusing please just let me know. TIA

09-21-2005, 06:43 PM
2 way crossover

low range speaker: LPF 20hz-200hz
rear high range speaker: HPF 20hz-200hz
front high range speaker: HPF 20hz-200hz

3 way crossover

low range speaker: LPF 20hz-200hz
mid range speaker: HPF 20hz-200hz LPF 20hz-20khz
high range speaker: HPF 1khz-20khz