View Full Version : Please Check my Caculation Please..

09-16-2005, 10:27 PM
Hi...I know I'm noob...But I have this really quick question...

I'm about to build box myself...And I have 2 10L7..I want it to be 5 cuft tuned it to 35hz...So..Here are my calculation..

Ext Width = 36in (Int = 34.5in)
Ext Height = 15in (Int = 13.5in)
Ext Depth = 21.25in (Int = 19.75in)
Port = 2 inx 13.5in x 7.75in (27 square in x 7.75 in)
Port Material = .75in x 13.5in x 7in (2 of them)
Driver = 111.8 cuin (2 x 111.8 = 223.6 cuin)

Will this work?? Is using one chamber for 2 subs okay?? Or does it have to be seperate chamber?? I used the Port hole calculation thing on the net...Thanks..