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09-16-2005, 10:57 AM
Ok im using WinISD
I'm working with one DCX 122 Ported

Recommended Enclosures
Typical sealed enclosure (cu. ft.) 0.95
SPL sealed enclosure (cu. ft.) 0.8
Low Qtc sealed enclosure (cu. ft.) 1.5
Vented enclosure (cu. ft.) 1.45
Port tuning frequency (Hz) 40
Port diameter (inside, in.) 4
Equivalent square port (in.) 3.54x3.54
Port length (in.) 9.06

so by looking at these is it recommened that i tune my port at 40hz, but i've been told that 40hz is too high, is this right? They recommend a 1.45 vented enclosure is that right or should my enclosure be bigger?

09-16-2005, 11:37 AM
WinIsd Gives External Dimensions so is this the correct wood to buy

w 1.5 ft >> w = 18in
h 2.3 ft >> h = 28 in
d 0.955 ft >> d = 11.5 in

Top c x b or d x w = 11.5 in x 18 in > *What to buy* 11.5 in x 18 in

Front a x b or h x w = 28 in x 18 in > *What to buy* 26.5 in x 16.5 in

Sides a x c or h x d = 28 in x 11.5 in >*What to buy* 26.5 in x 11.5 in

Vent = 4in Diameter + 0.25 in Thickness 4in w x 5.44 Length