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09-13-2005, 12:20 PM
Has anyone listen to the Aura thin 8s. Thier ment for Homeaudio, but I'm thinking about putting a pair in each front door of my F-350 for midbass. I can get them cheeper than the Illusions and similar speakers. They look well built and the specs seem to support IB mounting. My doors are Deadend with Cascade Spray in and matt. They hold a 18w/4531g and Scan Speak D2904 Tweeters. The 7 are in enclosure, about 1.5 of a litter( they play well down to about 100hz mounted this way. so they will not interact with the 8s. If it helps this is a 94 ford if you can picture the door. I want to mount the 8s in the bottom. If I remove the map pocket thiers a great place to mount them. They need to run from 50hz up to 120hz. My sub is mounted between the front buckets. Its a audiomobile Mass 2012dvc in 1.5c sealed facing down. Thiers another set of Scan speak's (1mid-1tweet) in the dash for center channel and identical set-up rear doors. All ESX amps Q1204 doors,Q4751 sub,Q752 center. If I add the midbass's I will use the 1204 to drive front doos and midbass's, remove Q752 and replace with Q604 for rear and center. Eq is provided by Alto USC pro, crossover Kef, source Denon DCT-970 it old I know, but untill I switched the ADS eq out I ran balanced from the head unit to the amps. May put it back in. Alto's nice but have bring lap top out to fiddle *****. The center channel is thier to help with the fact its a very wide truck. Without it thiers a very left/right sound. Its just a summed mono signal, sorry not 5.1. Well if anyone has any input or suggestions for similar midbass's let me know P.S. they need to be shallow. I get by with the SS mids becouse thier under the sail panel window and no they don't sound good with-out the enclosures. I haven't figured that out either.

09-13-2005, 02:46 PM
I currently own mids, tweeters, and subwoofers made by Aura Sound. For the price, you will not find better SQ.