View Full Version : Opinions on CDT CL Series Components & Coaxials

09-09-2005, 09:40 PM
Okay, I am going to be selling my Kicker RS6 components to a friend of mine along with my Orion 1200d and Orion 3002 amps....

So, I just happened to have came across a nice used set of CDT CL61a components, CL6X coaxials, & TW19 Image Enhancement tweeters.... these will be powered by my new Kicker KX650.4 (and my XXX will get power by a KX1200.1 amp).

Any suggestions on how well these perform in terms of output and midbass? The Kicker RS6's are great IMO but I am wanting to try something different and go with a 4-ch amp this time around.

BTW, in the near future I may find myself placing these components in the kicks (with some Q-Logic pods) and get some RE XXX 6.5 mids or matching CDT mids in the doors with a Kicker KX400.2 amp.

Suggestions, good or bad, are recommended.... Let me know what you think of these CDT speakers.....

09-09-2005, 10:05 PM
I'd rather buy DLS MS6...

Maybe the new 7" top of the line CDT's but other wise DLS MS6 or greater. I heard the CDT EU's and the midbass just isn't there in a pod. I heard they do better IB. They sounded good but virtualy no midbass.