View Full Version : might be adding in-dash screen... what do i need?

09-07-2005, 07:04 PM
ok, im thinking of adding an in-dash screen to my car. 7", dvd player, etc. i have a double din opening, and one din is used by my headunit. im thinking about removing the cig lighter and trash thingy, fiberglassing over it, and mounting the headunit down beneath the screen. (pics below to show area). what all do i need as far as cables and the like? how do i go about wiring it up with the headunit and everything?




as you can see, i have a small extra pocket down at the bottom. like i said, im going to cut out the cig lighter and trash thing, fiberglass over that, and maybe fiberglass the pocket part to the top part. then mount the headunit down there. would that work?


09-08-2005, 12:29 PM
I did what you are trying to do. I had a Kenwood MP3 player and a cheap Ebay in-dash LCD. I put a Pyle DVD player in my glove compatment and you can even route the remote eye somewhere on your dash so you can change tracks without opening your glove compartment. The Pyle also had an onscreen mp3 menu, but I never tried it. This setup was a pain because I had to use a FM modulator to get sound through my system.

I have since ditched that setup in favor of a JVC KD-DV5100 DVD player head unit with a Pyle PLTV165 in-dash LCD. This setup is at least 20 times better than my cheapo route the first time. I have pics if you want to PM me your email address. I've spent under $500 on this setup, but I'm thinking of Ebaying it and getting a Kenwood double din 6.5" LCD. The JVC is slow when changing tracks and has too many little things I don't like about it. It does have cool features like the ability to play MP3z burned on a DVD-R. Will also play any format I threw at it like VCD and SVCD. But.....I think overall the Kenwood I had before was a much better deck it just didn't have a DVD player.