View Full Version : give me ideas and help

09-06-2005, 01:06 AM
ok so right now i'm running two ported boxes 3.13 cubes each tuned to 36hz, they are ugly as sin and i want something more custom looking. The car is a dodge stratus 98 model and i have two Ascendant Audio Atlas 15s running off a 1200d, i'm thinking that i can fiberglass a box and maybe save some space since right now i have nothing left. a fiberglass box might be able to use the odd spaces better and i could maybe fit something in the trunk, even if it is just the amp.

now, my brother wants to do a nice custom box for his 300zx and i'll probably end up doing it for him, and i need to know where to buy polyester resin and fiberglass (cloth and matting) because i don't want to have to buy it by the quart and tiny bags once i start his project. It'll cover his whole hatch area, should be fun to make.